The park 5th grade

The park

Jim had a big brother. His name was Sam. Sam was 11 years old. Jim liked to spend time with his brother. They always had a lot of fun together. Jim wanted to go with Sam to the park.

“Can we go to the park?” said Jim.

“Okay. We can go to the park. But we need to ask Mum,” said Sam.

Jim and Sam went to see Mum.

“Mum, can Sam and I go to the park?” Jim said to Mum.

Mum looked out the window at the blue sky. “I would like to go to the park, too. Let’s see if Dad wants to go to the park, too,” said Mum.

Jim, Sam and Mum went to see Dad.

“Dad, do you want to come to the park with Mum, Sam and me?” Jim said to Dad.

Dad looked out of the window. “Let’s all go to the park!” Dad said. Jim put on his hat, and off they went.

Պատասխանիր հարցերին/Answer the questions.

  1. Who is Jim’s brother? Brother Jims’s name is Sam
  2. Where did Jim want to go? Jim wanted to go to the park
  3. Who did Jim ask last? Jim asked his father last
  4. Why did Mum and Dad want to go? Dad and mom wanted to go out because it was good weather.
  5. What did Jim do at the end? Jim put on his hat.
  6. Why do you think Sam said, ‘We need to ask Mum? He thought he wanted to go to his mother the park
  • Կարմիր գույնով նշված նախադասությունները գրիր ապառնի ժամանակով/Write sentences in red in the Future Tense.

 Sam was 11 years old-Sam will 11 years old

Jim and Sam went to see Mum- Jim and Sam will be to see Mum.

  • Կանաչ գույնով նշված նախադասությունները գրիր ներկա անորոշ ժամանակաձևով/ Write sentences in green in Present Simple Tense

Mum looked out the window at the blue sky-Does mum looks out the window at the blue sky.

Jim said to Dad-Jim say’s to Dad.

  • Կապույտով նշված նախադասությունները գրիր ներկա շարունակական ժամանակաձևով/ Write sentences in blue in Present Continuous Tense. 

Dad looked out of the window-Dad looking out of the window

 Jim put on his hat-Jim putting on his hat



  • Ընդգծեք ճիշտ տարբերակը

They have a cold. (have, has)
2. She gets up up at seven. (get up, gets up)
3. We have breakfast at eight. (has, have)
4. Peter goes to school. (go, goes)
5. Anna gets  home at two. (get, gets)
6. He wants an ice cream. (want, wants)
8. Kelly watches TV. (watch, watches)
9. She does her homework. (do, does)
10. Our teacher lives in Oxford Street. (live, lives)
11. Eric and Tom wears blue shirts. (wear, wears)
12. My sister sings a song. (sing, sings)
13. My mum cooks spaghetti. (cook, cooks)
14. Mr Black works in his office. (work, works)
15. The girls often read a book. (read, reads)

  • Նախադասության բայերը գրեք անցյալ ժամանակաձևով:

1. I went go (go) to the city once a week.
2. You played play) the guitar very well.
3. She never visited (visit) me.
4. Tom always found (find) new ways to do things.
5. Ann wanted (want) to speak.
6 My mother had (have) a big house.
7 We played (play) a lot.
8. They sold (sell) fruit and eggs.
9 The building was (be) on fire.
10 I usually helped (help) my neighbours.
11. His brother rarely left .(leave) town.

  • Նախադասությունները գրեք ներկա շարունակական ժամանակաձևով
  1. They  go to a restaurant every Saturday. They are going to a restaurant every Saturday.
  2. They always work on Saturdays. They are working on Saturdays.
  3. He often plays tennis. Hes playing tennis.
  4. We usually visit them on weekends. Were visiting them on weekends
  5. I always ride a bike in the park. I m riding a bike in the park.
  6. My father reads a newspapers in the evening My father is reading a newspapers in the evenings.