English May 2-8

Marianna: Can you play the piano?

Maria: No, I can’t

Maria: Can you walk on your hands?

Marianna: Yes, I can😂

Maria: Can you use a computer?

Marianna: Yes, of course I can

Marianna: Can you sing?

Maria: No, I can’t, because i don’ get a talent

Maria: Can you dance?

Marianna: Yes, I can

Project-my favorite sport

My favorite sport

I do archery and I love that sport a lot but also I like basketball but I don’t like to play it. my father is a basketball coach, my brother is a European basketball champion, my uncle also played basketball for many years in short, it is impossible not to love this sport, especially when the games start

English 6th grade


Hello from Armenia! I am also in a good class and I have many friends, each of them is special to me and I am happy that I have friends like them. I also like the teachers very much, they are very interesting in explaining the lesson.

My friend has a black hair brown eyes she is funny․

I love my school because there is an interesting approach and we are interesting in learning new things․

I like everything about my school

Words dedicated to my mother

Mom is a word that I associate with care, love, but could be associated with control, torture and hate, but thanks to you being my mother, I get love, attention, care and this is how I imagine the love Sometimes I do bad things I shouldn’t do, but when I think about my behavior later, I blame myself a lot, and I always blame myself, not because I have to make up with you, but because I know that you you just won’t get angry. so if you get angry, then it’s my fault. because sometimes I don’t appreciate everything you do for me and these words are the least I can do for you because your love is amazing.
I’m not you, I’m a poor copy of you, I try to please everyone and be like you, but I don’t understand if you love me and I don’t need another love. . Do you know what my best gift is that you gave me?
It’s not that I am now, but that I have you, because there are few like you in this life, you are the best mother, I can talk to you about everything and not be afraid that someone you will say, because apart from mother. you are the best friend and it is rare but because you are my mother I am lucky.
Mom isn’t my first word, but I know for sure that it’s the last…
These were not just words that I spoke, but words that my soul spoke.